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Will Spaetzel is a Software Architect in the Maple T.A. Team at Maplesoft.

He started at Maplesoft in May of 2004 for a 16 month internship while completing his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. During his final year at UWO, he continued on as moderator for MaplePrimes. He joined Maplesoft full-time in May 2006 and moved to the web team in Jan 2007. In December of 2010, Will moved to the Maple T.A. team. 

Will was born and grew up in Ontario, Canada. He maintains a personal blog, dabbles in photography builds web applications in his spare time.

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With the release of Maple 13, we have also released a major new feature to Maplesoft.com, Online Help:

Maple Online Help

Every one of Maple's help pages is now available online. With this new feature, you will be able to view the help pages right in your browser and download the source Maple worksheet to interact with in Maple.

Maple 12.01 is now available. The Maple 12.01 update includes enhancements in a variety of areas, including:

  • Differential equations and differential algebraic equations: Numerous enhancements to performance of numerical solvers
  • MATLAB link: Extended to include support for MATLAB 2008b
  • Language packs: Updates for Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese
  • Plotting:
    • Improved behavior in plot3d when using numpoints and grid options
    • The plots[display] command now handles dual-axis plots inside array plots
  • Graph Theory: Context-sensitive menus updated to include more graph theory commands
  • Other improvements were made in:
    • Numeric integration
    • Physics package
    • SolveTools package
    • ArrayTools package
    • Debugger

There are two new posts over on the Maplesoft Blog:

Postcards from the road: Part 1 -- On rocket science

By Tom Lee

One of the greatest pleasures of my job is meeting users and learning first hand of their achievements (hopefully with our products). Last week was a particularly eventful week and a distinct highlight was a visit our friends at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in Montréal.

It's not often that a funny music video is made about Fractals. Here is something very special:

The e-mail notification feature that was previously available before the last update to the site has been re-enabled.

Please post any issues with this feature as comments on this blog entry. If you have comments about any other features, please add them to the MaplePrimes Suggestions forum

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