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Will Spaetzel is a Software Architect in the Maple T.A. Team at Maplesoft.

He started at Maplesoft in May of 2004 for a 16 month internship while completing his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. During his final year at UWO, he continued on as moderator for MaplePrimes. He joined Maplesoft full-time in May 2006 and moved to the web team in Jan 2007. In December of 2010, Will moved to the Maple T.A. team. 

Will was born and grew up in Ontario, Canada. He maintains a personal blog, dabbles in photography builds web applications in his spare time.

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all MaplePrimes members. I hope you all have a great time with whatever you are doing for the rest of 2006. In honor of the season, here is a nice holiday image, courtesy of the Calculus II Powertool.

Since Tom is travelling the world, I figured this would be an appropriate topic. Please vote in the new poll, how many countries have you visited?

This page contains a great collection of different Maplets. Many users will be intersted in the Sudoku maplet. There are also some other interesting tools and games there. http://maplenet.msc.uky.edu/maplets/

Maplesoft.com recently posted a new user story that describes how Maple was used by a German company that develops, produces, and distributes towing kite wind propulsion systems for modern means of sea travel and transportation.

Here is a quote from the company:

“SkySails is grateful to Maplesoft, because Maple saved us a lot of time. Using Maple was very easy and quick. The computations we used are probably very basic for Maple, but they were extremely effective for SkySails. When testing the simulator, the correctness of the mathematical model is crucial. With Maple, there was nothing to worry about!”

Click here to read the whole story.

This might give you a bit of a laugh: This is the latest comic from XKCD a webcomic that often posts funny, geeky comics. My personal fave is this one.
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