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These are questions asked by Wtolrud

Trying to teach my granddaughter complex math and I was trying to show the use of the division of two complex numbers.

such as (8x+3i)/(5x-i).  I could not get maple to give an answer.  There is a way to do this put for the life of me I couldn't find it at the time. 

Can somebody tell me how to do this operation.




The results are in the reverse order that I would like to see them.

Is there a way to change this order???

Hi , you all

I have another question of the day. As I get deeper in my math I find these little things popping up that I don't understand what they mean or provide for the answer


Now that gamma in the denominator is what concerns me.  I haven't found any reference to this use for gamma, So , I come here to find the answer.

Thanks Bill

 =  =

In the above output I  am geting trig functions. This is taking the derivative of f(x).  I would like to keep the answer in rational output


What is the meaning of the "0" in the series expansion

series(x/(-x2-x+1), x = 0); ( this is the Maple command)
              x + x2  + 2 x3  + 3 x4 + 5 x5  + O(x6)  This is the results

This is use in Maple I've seen quite a bit for series. I assume the the series continues on. But I am not sure

Also is there any listing of what some of the symbols that maple uses???

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