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@Markiyan Hirnyk 

>Have you submitted an SCR?




What is your definition of "equivalent (matrices)" ?


@Thomas Richard I used "one of the button" .

@Joe Riel and @Thomas Richard

I think people will be happy if these solutions by evala or radnormal are described near the magic number “149” in 


First of all, please show your plan of the proof without using Maple.

Then, people in MaplePrime will suggest which part in your proof you can replace with calculations by Maple, I think.


What is "the cross multiplication" ?


@Joe Riel Thank you ! My error disappeared!! 

@Joe Riel I have a question. 

When I execute “C-c C-c b”(maplev-cmaple-send-buffer) in maplev-mode, and switch to the buffer which appears by executing “C-c C-c g”(maplev-cmaple-pop-to-buffer), I always see the following message in the buffer:

“Error, `maplev` does not evaluate to a module”

Can I ignore this message safely?

According to 


“many operating systems measure time in units of tens of milliseconds.”

Are you free from such a limit ?

@Carl Love 

As you said , sometimes(?) “discont” does not work. I have not yet understood when “discont” does not work.

For example, the following two lines reproduce a case “discont” does NOT work and cases “discont” does work. I have attached three images of the produced files. I have checked the following lines with “Maple 2016 (X86 64 LINUX)”.

anotherF := x-> ifelse( 0=frem(x+2, 4), undefined , x- 4*floor( (x + 2)/4 ) );
for n from 0 to 5 do Export("161103-" || n || ".gif",plot(anotherF, n..7,scaling=constrained, discont)) end do;


Your question is not clear to us. For example,

(1) Why is the argument of f_1  not V but abs(V) ?

(2) What is C ?

(3) What is the relation between  A and f_1() ?


Does "n=10...50"   have  three dots ?



I think giving a small example will make it easier for people to respond to your question.

There were several discussions according to the following URL:



>I want all these wavefunctions on the same plot


Is the following link helpful for you ?


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