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These are questions asked by Zeineb

Dear all

How can I solve the system of equations with unknowns  c[2] and Z


Maybe the question can be solved by hand.


Dear all

I need your help to plot

1)   First:  a three dimensionl curve, that is plot F(X,Y), where X, Y, and F(X,y) is given  


2) Second: can plot all the curves in the same graph ( 2-dimensional curve)  obtained from the following idea 
for j from 0 by 5 to 40
plot( F(X,j), X)
end for

thank you for your help

Dear all

I need to  `Put markers to emphasize the point of intersection between f, and g


thank you

Dear all

How can I add more terms, in taylor approximation of odes. 

Attached the code well written for only second order approximatiom, how can i get the fourth order approximation in taylor expansion to approximate an IVP


thank you

Dear all

I solved a linear system using Jacobi method , then I plot the solution, someting is wrong, I can't plot the solution 


Thank you for your help 

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