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@Christian Wolinski 

Thank you 
can we display the chain of prime ideals which confirm that the height of ideal


thank you, 

I tried to simplify the equations and avoid proc 
I get another error


thank you for your time

@Axel Vogt 

thank you for your time. 


can we use this formula to simplify the output of y[i]

@Axel Vogt 

Good formula, so this formula can be used to calculate each y[i], how can I say to maple substitute this formula to compute each y[i]

@Axel Vogt 

Can Maple compute the formula?

@Axel Vogt 

Please see lemma 3 in 


Thank you for your time, 
I simplied the code, I write only one line, how evaluate the following integral 


thank you

I added ''continuous '' as option but does not return the appropriate answer

Frac_D := proc (f, psi, alpha, a, x) `assuming`([(int((diff(psi(t), t))*(psi(x)-psi(t))^(alpha-1)*f(t), t = a .. x, continuous))/GAMMA(alpha)], [0 < alpha, alpha <= 1, 0 < x, x <= diff(psi(x), x) and diff(psi(x), x) <> 0]) end proc


Yes, I agree. Thank you. 
This can be used to compute y[0] 

Please what about y[i]


thank you


Please, how can I select from your code only the solution that verify some assymption ( positive parameter ) as added in the code 

Thank you for your answer, 
You say you beleave that this can be done more simply, can you propose another idea 



The recursive equation is proposed in my code 
B_^p is defined using B_i^{p-1} 
So, for p=1 B_^0 is known so we can determine B_i^1

B := proc (i, p, t) if p = 0 then piecewise(t < t[i-2] or t[i-1] <= t, 0, 1) else (t-t[i-2])*B_recursive(i, p-1, t)/(p*h)+(t[i+p-1]-t

@Carl Love 

Thanks for looking to my question. 

First :  the sequence alpha is defined using a general formula 
alpha[i]=(-1)^{i+1}  15/(5i-4), for i from 1 to 5 

I would like to get a simular formula like alpha[i] so that 
beta[3] =alpha[1]
beta[4] =alpha[4]
beta[5]= alpha[5]

can I have general form of beta[i]=.......... formula that depend only on i 

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