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These are questions asked by abdulganiy

Dear Colleagues,

I wish to use plot3d to the attached code but always encoutered error. However, pointplot3d runs perfectly. Please I need your assistance in this regards.

Thank you all and best regards.K2_Problem_2_two_body_kepler_e=0.mw

Good day everyone.

I am trying to write a code with variable stepsize involving tolerance. two vectors are declare for the errors. However, I don't know how to declare the two errors in comparison with the tolerance. Please kindly help. Also, any other modification to the entire code is also welcomed. Thank you all and best regards.

The code is as attached.


Dear esteem Colleagues,

Please how do I modify the following two files (though similar) to get consistent errors? I am not sure where I made the mistake.

Any modifications would be appreciated.

Thank you all for your time and mentorship. Best regard



Dear respected colleagues,

The first "ex 1" and second "non linear" codes were sent to me by a colleague. It would be appreciated if they can be modified to look like the one saved with "K2 Nonlinear_Fang 2009". Thank you all for your time and best regards.







Dear esteem colleagues,

Please I am trying to plot a function using both implicitplot and contourplot. However, I found out that I have two different plots. What are the differences between them and perhaps which is better?

Thank you all for your time and best regards.

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