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I'm plotting this function of (x) which is very complicated expression anyway I plotted it..Now I want to plot the f(x)/max value of f(x)???

I appriciated for any advice...

need to find the explicit root of u where k,b are  positive constants:


sol:=(solve(eq5(u),u)): S:=array([],1..3): S[1]:=((sol[1]));S[2]:=sol[2]:S[3]:=sol[3]:S[4]:=sol[4]:S[5]:=sol[5]:S[6]:=sol[6]:

and choose the positive real root and substitute it in another equation.

and then plot k against b as:

Hi , 


 u(t-n*Pi)=0 if (t-n*Pi)<0

 u(t-n*Pi)=1 if (t-n*Pi)>=0

need to plot y(t) against t where t=0..30:


I appreciate 

Helo every one,

I'm trying to find the positive real root from:

and substitute it in:

my prog is:


                   (solve(eq5(u),u)): S:=array([...

Dear all,

need to take data(a,u) from eq1 and plug it in eq2

eq1 is:

eq2 is:

Then need to plot data (a,v)


I did that:

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