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I study psychology and economics with a very quantitative approach to each. I specialised on statistical methods, quantitative diagnostics, portfoio analysis and econometrics. Furthermore I am interested (and above that theoretically and empirlcally involved) in poker, chess and performing arts.

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These are questions asked by afeddersen

E.g. I want to modify the Binomial distribution in a way, that k is not the number of successes, but the outcome.

Let's assume each success wins $100, while a failure results in $0.

My thought was to substitute k for k/100, but that produces an error message.

Can anyone tell me, how to implement that in Maple?


Thanks a lot.

There was an interesting question from Christopher2222:

Maple keeps changing the variable xi to the greek letter

Now I need a solution for a specific application, Here is the code:


L:=[Normal, Beta, Gamma]:

for i to 3 do
end do:

This will work for L[1], but not for L[2] and L[3]...

Let's say I define L1..L5 and M1..M5 respectively

for i to 5 do:
end do;

for i to 5 do:
end do;

Now I want to find out, whether the maxima of the two sequences L1..L5 and M1..M5 have the same subscript.
So I need a kind of proc that outputs 'true', if subscript(max(L1..L5))=subscript(max(M1..M5)), 'false' for subscript(max(L1..L5))<>subscript(max(M1..M5)) and 'FAIL' otherwise.

Does anyone...

I tried the following:







However Maple outputs M:=2, but I want Maple to tell me the corresponding assignment 'b' of the maximum value of L, or at least 'L[2]'.

Is this possible and if so, how?

Thanks for answering.

I tried the following:





Unfortnuately Mape ouputs: utility[3]||1

How can I get Maple to recognize the expression behind utility[3]||1?

Thanks for helping.

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