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Can anyone help me to find a solution to psi[2](r,phi) for the attached partial differential equation pde[0]?

I want to find a general solution to a partial differential equation by assuming that I know one solution, called psi[1], and trying to find another solution psi[2] by assuming that the general solution in the form of psi= psi[1]*psi[2]. I want to restrict the second solution to be in the form of psi[2](r*sin(phi)) so that it satisfies the PDE, and is a function of r times sin(phi). The latter makes error as the maple identifies that the function psi[2](r*sin(phi)) depends on only one variable r*sin(phi). Could you please help me to find a solution for psi[2] in the form psi[2]=f(r*sin(phi))?


Also, I have trouble with defining the operator Do in the attached file.  When it operates on psi[2](r * sin(phi)), maple gives D(D(psi[2]))(r*sin(phi)). It is not clear for me that whether this derivative is with respect to r or phi. I need is to define Do in a way so that the derivatives are correctly taken with respect to different separate variables.


Thank you for your help,



Can anyone help me to solve the attached system of PDEs with a given expression for the HINT such as HINT = F[1](t)*F[2](r*sin(phi))

I am not able to set such an arbitray HINT function for system of PDEs.



Thank you,


Anyone can help me to convert the following maple solution expressed by the hypergeom function to the LegendreP(n,b,x) or Q function?




infolevel[pdsolve] := 3:

sol[1] := dsolve((1-x^2)*(diff(y(x), x, x))+n(n+1)*y(x) = 0)

y(x) = _C1*(-1+x^2)*hypergeom([3/4+(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2), 3/4-(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2)], [1/2], x^2)+_C2*(x^3-x)*hypergeom([5/4+(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2), 5/4-(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2)], [3/2], x^2)


convert(sol[1], LegendreP)

y(x) = _C1*(-1+x^2)*hypergeom([3/4+(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2), 3/4-(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2)], [1/2], x^2)+_C2*(x^3-x)*hypergeom([5/4+(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2), 5/4-(1/4)*(4*n(n+1)+1)^(1/2)], [3/2], x^2)




Download convert-Legendre.mw



I just want y(x) to be expressed in the form of LegendreP(n,b,x).

I need help on solving the following PDE by Maple:


I couldn't write the partial differential equation in Mapleprimes so provided the link from somewhere else. Please help. Thank you.

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