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@acer Thanks for clarifying.

Your worksheet runs on Maple 2017.3 too. I just realised I made a typo when i typed your code earlier.

@Kitonum Thanks again. I've learned alot about Maple from your answers

@acer Thanks for sharing. This is really interesting.

I am using Maple 2017.3 and the second one is actually the fastest method so far. What does multiplying g(x) with 1.0 accomplish?

Also, the first method does not work at all. This is the documentation for fsolve from the built-in help:

Is the version of fsolve you are using from a different package?


@Kitonum Thanks for sharing your answer.

So there is really no way to getting an this answer using the solve function?

@Kitonum Could you please tell me how to find the documentation for %. , and %* ``(...)? I tried searching for those symbols directly from the Maple online help but that did not yield anything useful. 


Isn't it strange that we need to add a simplify command for evalb() to work? I don't see any mention about this caveat in its documentation.

The style I'm using is the default Document in Maple 2017.

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