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Dear all

I want to solve a set of parametric inequalities with constraints but it takes too much time to processing. do you know any faster solution? 
thanks in advance

Dear friends, i want to solve inequalities as follow:

solve({0 < Q, 0 < delta, 0 < t, 0 < E[0], 0 < lambda[1], 0 < (lambda[1]^2*(Q+2*t+4*delta-4*E[0])+lambda[1]*(Q+2*t+3*delta-7*E[0])-3*E[0])/((lambda[1]^2-6*lambda[1]-6)*t), Q < -(3*delta*lambda[1]+2*t*lambda[1]-4*E[0]*lambda[1]+6*delta-3*E[0])/lambda[1], delta < E[0]*(4*lambda[1]+3)/(3*(lambda[1]+2)), t < -(3*delta*lambda[1]-4*E[0]*lambda[1]+6*delta-3*E[0])/(2*lambda[1]), lambda[1] < 1, (lambda[1]^2*(Q+2*t+4*delta-4*E[0])+lambda[1]*(Q+2*t+3*delta-7*E[0])-3*E[0])/((lambda[1]^2-6*lambda[1]-6)*t) < (lambda[1]*(-2*Q-4*t-2*delta+3*E[0])-lambda[1]^2*delta+lambda[1]^2*E[0]+2*E[0]-2*Q-4*t)/((lambda[1]^2-6*lambda[1]-6)*t) and (lambda[1]*(-2*Q-4*t-2*delta+3*E[0])-lambda[1]^2*delta+lambda[1]^2*E[0]+2*E[0]-2*Q-4*t)/((lambda[1]^2-6*lambda[1]-6)*t) < 1})

But, processing is very heavy and takes too much time! is there any alternative solution?

Thank you in advance.

hello everybody, the below expression has 5 variabes: t,c,theta[1],lambda,a and i want to know in what ranges of variables the expression is positive. how can i do that?


i use solve() to find these ranges but it takes to much time. is there any alternative solution?

i have a matrix m[10,10] with some values, i want to PointPlot every rows with Explore command , here is my code:

Explore(PointPlot(m[a, 1 .. 10], [.1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, 1]), parameters = [a = 1 .. 10]) 

but it does'nt work! how can i fix it?

thank you in advance

Hello everybody!

I have Z which is a function of (b,p)! and two parameters g and d :


I want to plot Z vs. g (1<g<4) and explore with d, note that in plot i want Z to be maximum (it is obvious that we must find b and p optimal and then find Z optimal). in maximization consider we have this constraints: {b <= 1, 1-2*d/(p*(sqrt(g)+1)) <= b}

thank you in advance for your help!

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