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yes you are right, but i set constraints for variables, for example t>0 and so on. in this case the process takes too much time.

@acer thank you, it works properly!

@Carl Love thank you very much!


@tomleslie i do appreciate your help!

@vv thank you for your help, it works.

@Gonzalo Garcia 40 thank you! but i have no problem about optimization, my problem is about ploting! 

@Kitonum thank you! it works but i have another problem: i expand z and then run code but it does'nt work, here is my code:


thank you in advance for your help!


@Kitonum and @Markiyan Hirnyk thank you very much, it works! but i have some problem with z, i extended z to a complex form and then run, i got this error message:

Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) complex value encountered

what is the problem?

this is my main problem using your codes:


how can i fix it?



@rlopez it works! thank you very much

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