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thanks so much all of you. i will try that

really this is very very simplier than mine. isnt there any other way to solve it in short time?
and sometimes maple stops, can it be cuz of i use maple 16? 


This is the mathematical presentation of the problem. Sorry for the bad writing i hope u can read it and bad english

guess i did a lot of mistake, thanks a lot i didnt realize them.
i fixed mistakes and decided to remove t vectors and goal2. still didnt worked. how can i define X[i][j][k] variables binary and p[i] variables nonnegative integer for DirectSearch? or do you recommend anything else?

firstly thanks a lot for your suggestions and help. i'll try that command 
here is full problem.

i know there isnt 't' vector. cuz t vector is a sum of all Xijk, when i write t formula and try to solve, maple crushes and dosent answer. 
guess this problem is a bit larger for maple to solve, so im thinking about "if" instead of "g" vectors. that can make the problem smaller.
but im not sure if command works with optimization command

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