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I have been searching that what exterior product is

Are you sure you understand the definition?

Are you sure that you can calculate with the Matrix you posted???



hi guys

how about "restart:"?

that's what normally i would use

however nomatter what you try in Classical mode

it still give you the 2 cos terms when you calculate it for the first time




sometimes the


code can make it give the just one term with a single constant...sometimes not



in standard mode it's fine


is it some kind of way that maple is designed?

i see!

this was where I went wrong.

I tried to define like

piecewise(t < 0, 0, t < Pi, -sin(t) + t, Pi <= t, -2 sin(t) + Pi)
piecewise( 0=<t=<Pi......);

then it says it's not correct
that's why i used "t in [0,Pi]" instead

If I have any more problem, I will ask you. Thanks.


Structly speaking the inteval (0,Pi) and [0,Pi] is not the same.

and what about the points t=0 and t= Pi

How would maple respond while solving the question?

Thank you

the function didnt display correctly

> restart:

> ode:=diff(y(t),t$2)+y(t)=piecewise(t in [0,Pi],t, t>Pi,Pi);

> ics := y(0)=0, D(y)(0)=0;

> dsolve({ode,ics});

lemelinm should be correct

you minght want a copy of adobe acrobat

however i am not familat with mac...


i am currently using the "animate" medthod to the problem

i added the code "dirgrid=[80,80]" , want to show some more direction lines on the plane, however, it dose not work.

which one should i use?



which tells maple that it's a floating number

it's intersting!

you might use





I am using maple 11 in vista ultimate version

it works fine..


for these kind of problems , the best way is to contact the maple develop departments


see here



i got the same problem before , now it's fine


that's the reply i got from maple technicianss:


To decrease the amount of memory used by Java on Windows you can edit
the file launch.ini found in Maple's folder (default C:\Program
Files\Maple 11\

Open the launch.ini file with an editor and find the following lines:

# set maximum Java heap size
# maxheap=700m

Delete the "#" AND space characters that precede the word "maxheap". So
the final edit will look like:

# set maximum Java heap size

Save the file.





same for vista



This is my target:

Hence Find the differential equation satisfied by the orthogonal trajectories to each of
the following sets of curves. Hence determine the equation for the set of orthogonal
trajectories and sketch the two sets.


and one of the eqnation is



I would like to check my answer in maple


what would you guys suggest me to do?


before that I have proven that if two lines are orthogonal, the product of their slope is -1..

that's why I want to do dy/dx of eqn(1)



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