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These are questions asked by casperyc

Hi all,

I am running xmaple via linux, version 17.

This is on a Unbuntu OS X64 with i7 940X, and 4G RAM.




I am using Maple 15 on a school server. In most of the times, the following screen occurs:

Can I get rid of that notice? My results got disappear very quickly to the TOP.

Is that something I can change or it has to be done from the admin?

And just a general question, do Maple run more or less faster on Linux/Unix machine than windows?

Hi all,

For research purposes, I have symbolic matrices of dimentions up to 100 x 50 (and above) with certain number of parameters. Then giving random value to those paramters, I want the numerical rank of the matrices.


Maple 17 does not seem to work well with symbolic ranks, where expentials are involved.

And more to it, both




does not seem to work. ...



> seq(seq(p[j,c],j=2..3),c=1..3)=seq(seq(1/(1+exp(-(mu+cat(tau,j)+cat(eta,c)+mix[j,c]))),j=2..3),c=1..3);

Basically, I want to use these expressions in subs.

How do I tell Maple to make the substitution of "lhs=rhs"?

(in the form of {p[2,1]=something,p[3,1]=something,p[2,2]=something,p[2,2]=something,p[2,3]=something,p[3,3]=something,})

I can then use subs() to replace them in my desired expression.


Hi all,

I just learned about the with(Threads) package and I wanted to do a bit testing and see if it's 'faster' or more 'efficient'.



This was done on a i7 940X (QuardCore) laptop.

I dont really see how it is better in a sense?

Or am I using Seq for the wrong purpose?



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