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These are questions asked by casperyc

Hi all,

Is there an easy way to find first and last entries of a vector which is non zero?


local i;
while x[i]<>1 do
end do;
end proc;




That does not work. I have also tried to use

while 'x'[i]<>1 do


keeps getting error saying: Error, (in fa) bad index into Vector


What's the best way to get result 1 (in this case...

Hi all,

Basically, I want to substitute everthing in m using the s .

More or less, I am doing a reparameterization.

I have looked into subs command, but it does not quite does what I want.

It seems to me the Maple wont be substituting exp(-mu) to s1 ( or exp(mu) to 1/s1 ) if the exp has some other powers in it, such as exp(mu+tau).

Any ideas?



Hi all,

Is there a quicker way to find all unknows from an expression?

Say I want a list contains ALL parameters. In this case, it would return


Is there a way to do this?



Hi all,

Here is the problem, I will try my best to describe it:


Firstly of all,




In this system, the 'j' is a time varying parameter, and the...

Hi all,

This is really a quite general question.

I am not asking to change "interface(rtablesize=30)" or any other similar command.


I just wonder, sometimes, we want to see a symbolic matrix. And when the matrix gets really large in dimension, it does not display nicely on the whole screen.

Occasionally, with reasonably "small" matrix, we can still see it by "zoom out" to 50% view or even smaller view, to see the FULL matrix.

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