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a very simple problem, but nevertheless I am really struggling with it and would appreciate any help.




This generates the output:  .20000000

However, I need the output in the format 0.20

I've already tried the numeric formatting dialogue but it didn't change anything.

Any hints?




I'm using Maple 11 and pdflatex. I'm trying to export Maple code to latex.  To this end, I've exported my maple file as a latex file and included the maplestd2e package in my tex document. However, from compiling the tex file I only obtain pdf output for those parts of the original maple file that represent output. For example, the following tex-code correctly produces the word 'true':

\mapleinline{inert}{2d}{true}{\[\displaystyle {\it true}\]}


I have the following problem:

I have an array of values stored in F[i,j] and plot them using the LineChart tool:

LineChart([seq([seq(F[i, j], j = dmin .. dmax)], i = 1 .. 3)], xcoords = [seq(0.1e-1*2^(k-1), k = dmin .. dmax)],  color = mycolor);

This way, I obtain 3 curves, each of them with a different color as defined by mycolor.

However, for a publication in black and white I would now like to assign different linestyles...


although I manage to solve the following problem step by step, I don't really know how translate it properly into Maple code.

First of all, from the following equation I have to extract the derivatives dx/dy1 and dx/dy2 (because I need them later on):


(This can be done using the implicit function theorem).

Then, I have to calculate the following derivate and set it equal to zero to get y1 as a function of y2.

dg1(x,y1)/dy1 = 0


I'm using Maple 11 and trying to export Maple plots to Word 2007. However, no matter what I do, the quality is always quite poor. In detail the plots look like in a low resolution, i.e. lines are not smooth, although I have already set the resolution to a higher value. What would be the best way to do this? Any tips?

Thanks in advance,


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