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@Preben Alsholm thanks. but what does it mean when the quetion says the side of L, since we know if L is on the real axis, then |T(z)| will always be equal to 1, hence I'm abit confused about what side the question is refering to. Is it about +ve/-ve y-axis, or the unit circle thing etc? :S

@Carl Love thanks guys :) But just one more question, so basically I was given that |T(z)|=1 iff z is the same distance from i and from -i. I know that |T(z)|=|(z-I)|/|(z+I)|, and that |z-I| represents the distance between two complex z and I. However, I'm not sure about |(z+I)| as it seems a bit ambiguous since the question said that z is the same distance from i and from -i. So does this mean |(z+I)| equals total distance of |z|+|i|, or does it mean the distance between two complex z and -I which is |z--I|=|z+I|?

Plus later the question said let L be set of points z with the property 'stated above', in which points on one side of L satisfy |T(z)|>1 and points on the other side satisfy |T(z)|<1. So does this mean that L is a set of points z along the y(imaginery axis)? Because according to argand diagram if L is on x-axis then the distance from z to i and -i is symmetric as they have the same distance. but if L moves along +ve/-ve y-axis(Im axis) then the distance from z to i and -i will be different.


@nm thanks for the reply, did some correction with the question(i missed type sth previously)

1)receive two integers p and q

2)declare two local variable p1 and q1 and give them intial values p and q

3)check if p or q are equal or less to zero print works only with positive integers

4)while p1 not equal to q1 check if p1>p2 then p1-a1 otherwise q1-p1

5)whenever p1=q1 we have the GCD


I didn't paste the code, i just typed them down here. because whenever i copy something from maple, it wont paste here for some reason. btw im using maple 16. yes it's meant to be 'or' sorry about the typo.

I still don't understand about the while loop bit, what do i need to change in order to make it terminate?

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