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The inability to show/hide inherited assignments is the result of a bug in T.A. 2016.0 where it does not respond to any changes in clicking on the Show/Hide buttons.


Our developers have already fixed the problem and the solution is currently undergoing QA testing to be included in the T.A. 2016.1 patch that is due out soon.


I think you are looking for the "printlevel" setting:


Setting this to 2 or higher should allow you to see the contents of a double nested loop, increasing the printlevel value with each nested level that you wish to see. By default, the printlevel is set to 1.

Please note that if you set the print level higher, you may start to see more detailed messages from the kernel as it performs its calculations. This setting can also be useful if you are trying to debug a certain sequence or command, though be aware that putting it too high may result in a whole lot of machine garbage being printed to the screen.


The vast majority of commands from Maple V should still work fine in Maple 2016 as we have not changed the basic structures of the commands. Though a few packages like "linalg" have become depreciated, they should still work and you may find the appropriate replacement commands by performing a search in the Maple Help system if you find that you are getting any warnings during execution.


Here is what I would recommend you try to recover old worksheets:

  1. Bring the worksheet into a slightly newer version of Maple (e.g. Maple 10), via the Classic Worksheet Maple mode. The Classic Worksheet Maple mode is the same interface as Maple from versions 9 and prior, so it aids in the compatibility as you perform the next step.
  2. Save the old .mws Maple worksheet as a new file with the updated .mw file extension.
  3. Close the worksheet and open the worksheet in the version of Maple that you are using.
  4. Try to run the worksheet and save it to see if your commands work.


Generally I have had very good luck in getting old worksheets running using this method unless the worksheets are using third-party libraries that are no longer compatible with Maple. If you do not have an older version of Maple on hand for Step 1, you can try to open the original file directly in Maple Classic Worksheet 2016 (available only in a 32-bit installation of Maple) and then resave the file as a .mw file type, but this can on occasion fail to open the file properly.

If your hard drive died and you have had to replace it, you may not be able to reactivate your copy of Maple 2016 until you contact Maplesoft Customer Service as Maple licenses for Windows are tied to the hard drive serial number. They can also provide you with a new installer download link if needed.


You will know once you have completed the installation and go to perform the license activation. If it works, great! If it gives you a "not enough activations remaining" error message, you will have to get in touch with Customer Service at custservice@maplesoft.com or 1-800-267-6583 (Canada/US) or +1-519-747-2373 (International).


If you need to reactivate, here are the steps to do so:

  1. Click on your Start Menu and go to the ‘Programs’ > ‘Maple ##’ > ‘Tools’ folder.
  2. Right click the ‘Activate Maple’ icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’.
  3. Activate Maple using your purchase code

You should now be good to use Maple once again.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 has already ended, though extended patching support is good through 2020 according to Microsoft:


You may want to jump on the free upgrade to Windows 10 while you can as it may not be free forever.


Otherwise, you can view the full compatibility list of operating systems and Maple versions on our FAQ section here:




Please contact Maplesoft Technical Support (support@maplesoft.com) with an exported copy of your current question and they should be able to help you from there.

Instructions on how to export a question can be found on page 88 in Section 4.4 of the Maple T.A. User Guide.

Maple currently does not have any officially supported versions for Windows 10 as Windows 10 is not due to be publically released until July 29th. Much like previous new release periods of Windows, even if Maple is listed as not offically supported for an operating system, it may still install and run fine for you. 

We would suspect that any Maple version that runs in Windows 8 should likely run in Windows 10. Full official support for Windows 10 will come in the next version of Maple.


You can view our supported operating systems here:


If you are having trouble installing Maple 16.00 on Windows 8.1, you may want to try the following solution:

“Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported” Message is Shown when Attempting to Install on Windows 8 - http://www.maplesoft.com/support/faqs/detail.aspx?sid=139020

A "too many levels of recursion" error can happen when there is insufficient stack memory available. Please ensure that you are giving the virtual application enough memory (at least 1 GB of RAM, note that 2 GB is our minimum requirement).


We have seen this problem in the past and the cause was a limited amount of memory being assigned to Maple while the machine still had plenty of system memory remaining. Maple sees the full system memory and tries to use it, but then it hits the artificial restriction (normally 512 MB) imposed by the virtual application sandbox.


How much memory is there on each client machine?

Prior to starting Maple, open a Process Manager to view the memory usage as Maple opens to see what the top limit is for that process. How does the memory usage change as Maple opens? How much memory does it consume when it is finished loading?


While the system itself may have 8 GB of memory, I would double check that the memory allotment for your specific virtual machine is the correct size as it may not have been adjusted to use the appropriate amount or it may have a process memory allocation restriction. 

The "Error launching Maplet splash screen" error message is a known bug in the Maplet viewer, but there is no loss of functionality from the bug. The only effect from this bug is that the Maplet Viewer will only not display the loading splash screen image. Clicking OK will let you continue loading the program as normal.

Maple 2015 does feature retina display support for text, so you should find your work to be much easier on the eyes. Please note that the interface icons have not yet been updated to retina-sized resolution yet.

Hi Lenin,

Maplesoft administers the Public group postings on the MapleCloud and requires that any new postings must be reviewed by a Maplesoft employee before it allowed to be viewed by all. This is done to ensure that the content submitted would benefit the Maple community and prevent abuse. It may take a few days to have your submissions approved. If your content is rejected, you would be informed by email by one of our MapleCloud administrators of this occurrence.


When it comes to personal or class-specific content that is typically better suited for smaller, targeted audiences, we encourage users to place that content into private groups. You can find instructions for creating private groups in the MapleCloud on the following help page: 



If you have any questions at all about creating private groups or our moderation of the MapleCloud, I would direct you to contact Maplesoft Technical Support at support@maplesoft.com


If you would like to purchase a Maple student edition, you can do so by visiting our online store, located here:



If you have any questions, feel free to contact Customer Service at custservice@maplesoft.com or 1-800-267-6583 ext 240.

You may want to try manually running all of the VC redistributable installers found in C:\Program Files\Maple 17\redist\ to see if that fixes the problem.


You have two options to resolve this. First, you could just turn off the optimized Compiler option in the Settings tab on the right side of the screen. This disables the use of the external compiler, but be aware if you are working with a more complex simulation, it will be far slower than if you were using the external compiler (by up to 1000x).


The second option is to complete your installation with an external Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compiler as outlined in our installation documentation here:


I would recommend you try this path if at all possible due to the massive performance gains you recieve. 

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