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I'm having trouble scaling Maple 16 to be usable on a QHD+ resolution 13" screen. I was wondering if anyone know if it's possible to scale the interface of Maple through some option or if there is another trick to fix it.

Thanks in advance!

I'm trying to plot contours in Maple, but the 2d contour plot output is not pretty. I tried the following command:

contourplot(-(1/2)*y^2-(1/2)*x^2-(1-.3)/sqrt((x+.3)^2+y^2)+((-1)*.3)/sqrt((x-1+.3)^2+y^2), x = -1.5 .. 1.5, y = -1.5 .. 1.5, axes = boxed)

and the plot is so much uglier than the 3d one:

contourplot3d(-(1/2)*y^2-(1/2)*x^2-(1-.3)/sqrt((x+.3)^2+y^2)+((-1)*.3)/sqrt((x-1+.3)^2+y^2), x = -1.5 .. 1.5, y = -1.5 .. 1.5, view = -2 .. -1.3, axes = boxed)

Is there any way I can get the same detail in the 2d one as there is in the 3d one.

Thanks in advance!

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