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I'm contemplating purchasing one of the manuals available from the maplesoft website. Has anyone here bought and used any of these books ? Does anyone have any opinions, or reviews they can share with me ? I'm thinking of buying the advanced programming or combined beginning and advanced programming PDF book. Thanks, Dan
My last post in "How Do I Newbie", and subsequent replies mistakenly appeared on the front page of the Maple Primes site. I don't know how this happened. Could anyone see if there's a possible glitch with the site or just my account ? I'm not sure if one of the options when creating posts is to choose the main page as one of the forums to post your topic. dc.
This is more of a question than a suggestion. My experiences with this site have all been positive, and I'm extremely grateful for the wonderful service provided by the staff members. I understand that a lot of the questions posted sometimes require a good deal of time and effort to answer. However I'd like to know why some "Newbie Questions" are answered only after hours, and some after a few days ? Is there a system or is it just the luck of the draw ? It also seems like there are a few staff members on this site to handle this heavy load. My question / suggestion is whether or not there is some possible way to address this issue, and if this issue is actually being addressed currently ?
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