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I apologize if the forum is strictly for undergrad students. I'm now on the section of Arfken's text "Mathematical Methods..." that deals with tensors, and I'm having a little trouble. My problem is how to physically or intuitively, picture (for lack of a better word) tensors. This also adds to the problem of not fully understanding and appreciating the difference between covariance and contravariance, other than it seeming to be arbitrarily subscripting or superscripting the tensor elements. Thanks, dc
Does anyone know if Maple can deal with the concept of generalized coordinates ? I'm now starting to study Lagrangian Mechanics. Any materials or applications dealing with Maple's applicability to this subject may be useful. Thanks,
Can someone help me with the Dagger command in the Physics package ? I can't seem to get it to work for matrices. thanks,
Can Maple produce plots of data with error bars ?
Does Maple have any information on perfect numbers ? Also, if it does have some information, how many perfect numbers is Maple knowledgeable of ? v/r,
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