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Is (Student) still a package in Maple ? I was trying to get a double integral to work and I was only able to do so after replacing, (with(Student)), with the command (with(student)), and using the command Doubleint. Why was that so ? v/r, Also is the student package the only place where one can get tools to do iterated integrals ?
Is there a package available in Maple that converts between number systems ? e.g., binary, octal, hexadecimal. v/r,
Thanks to all the wonderful and timely help I received concerning my previous troubles with the LegendreP function. It was all helpful. I think I'm very bad at procedures, but I struggled in an effort to gain more personal knowledge, in addition to solving this problem and came up with a very simple and rudimentary procedure. It is called P[legend](l,m), where l and m are the two arguments received in that order. Can anyone look at this procedure and suggest improvements for efficiency, aesthetics (more elegant simpler methods), possible bugs, etc. Your critiques on my effort would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone know how to get the function

LegendreP(1,1,cos(theta)) to return the value of sin(theta) ?

I'm using the associated Legendre function.

I think the first 1 represents the degree of the polynomial, and the second 1 stands for the derivative order. (I'm not sure).

When using the associated Legendre function, LegendreP(u,v,cos(theta)), I get the expected results only for certain combinations of the values of u and v.

The problem has to do with the eveness and oddness of u and v.

I also tried manipulating the global variable, _Env...? (Can't recall it's full name).
I tried using the piecewise function and only got it to work by using the boolean operator and.

The two conditions were:

1: 0<= x <=a

2: a<= x <=b

However, just using the two conditions as they're written above with the function piecewise gave me error statements.

Is the only way to use such conditions in the piecewise function, is by using the conjunctive ? (i.e. writing it as 0<=x and x<=a, f1, a<=x and x<=b, f2).


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