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Regarding my previous post in this forum "Help with a possible improper integral...". Can anyone provide some advice on how they go about plotting expressions that contain undetermined constants ? take for example the equation of a line: y =m*x+b. thanks, v/r,
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View file details I'm trying to perform an integration on a function involving a couple constants in order to normalize (setting result of integral = 1) and solve for the constant, A. The closest I'm able to reach with respect to completing the integral is a result that involves the error function, erf. How do I go about getting a neater closed form solution to the this integral ? Am I illegal integration limits ?
I was trying to use the LinearAlgebra package to discover the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the 2x2 matrix representing a rotation in the x-y plane. The matrix [[cos(theta)|-sin(theta)],[sin(theta)|cos(theta)]] However the function, Eigenvectors does not work with this matrix, and the function Eigenvalues returns the eigenvalues of the trasformation but not in the usual complex number notation. Can anyone help with explaining and or resolving this ? v/r, Dan
I'm using the cosine function and just read in the help section that the trig functions only take arguments in radians. Is this true ? Is there no way to use arguments in degrees for the trig functions ? v/r, Dan
I'm working through an example program. It seems to be working correctly. However, I would like to know why this procedure produces a Maplet ? Any other insight into this procedure you can provide would also be helpful. thanks, View 285_dicegame.mw on MapleNet or Download 285_dicegame.mw
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