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Does anyone know how to go about attempting this problem with Maple10 ? The question is the last line in bold type, and I tried to include as much relevant information as possible. To correct an error the second partial derivative should be with respect to time "t", not displacement z. so it should be (1/v)*(d^2/dt^2)f(z,t). sorry about the mistake. thx, Dan View 285_problem9.4Emag.mw on MapleNET or Download 285_problem9.4Emag.mw
I haven't been to mapleprimes for awhile and noticed that the "convert worksheet" option is no longer available. Are the "file manager" and "upload file" options very different from the previous worksheet converter, and are they also any more difficult ?
Can Maple 10 be used to determine if the universal or existential closure of predicate logic sentences that may or may not contain quantifiers is valid ? For example, does the tautology, equivalent and other functions of the Logic package only apply to propositional sentences ? dc
Here's an example procedure that I need help with in order to figure out how it produces certain cases of it's output. First, in the case when the argument n is negative does the procedure call itself again in the denominator of the fraction and return the value of the last line of the procedure (inside the inner call to itself)? I also assumed that the special identifier procname was not in unevaluation quotes in order to allow evaluation. Next, I also don't understand how the output for cases when the exponent n is even is produced. What's really confusing is the use of the anonymous mapping (x -> x.x), and also the meaning of the entire expression after the word then. Is that a multiplication of the two expressions in parentheses ? i.e. (x -> x.x)(procname(X, n/2) > Pow := proc(X, n::integer) if n <> x.x)(procname(X, n/2)) else X.procname(X, n-1) end if end:
Is Maple 10's logical system called a three valued one simply because of the value FAIL, in addition to the truth values true and false ?
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