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Does the notation (&xor) stand for the logically exclusive operator "or" where both propositions of this operator cannot both have the truth value "true" ? Also, does the notation "∨" represent the more widely used logically inclusive operator "or" where it's possible for both operands to be true ? dc.
Does anyone here use or has ever used Maple-Connect ? Also how long were you using Maple before first attempting this ?
After reviewing the help pages on the Logic package I noticed that the commands used in examples usually contained an ampersand "&" before them. Does this in any way alter the meaning of the logical operator or (connective) in any from it's usual meaning in standard text ? for example, is &iff "if and only if" ? does ∧ stand for "and" ? does ∨ mean the logically inclusive "or" does &implies mean "if antecedent then consequent" ? and so forth... Dan
Can Maple be used to see if propositional logic sentences with arbitary propositional constants are tautologies ? i.e. (if they are always true under every possible interpretation or arrangement of the truth values true and false).
I just recently learned that the fourth operand of a maple procedure is it's memory table. However, I'm confused about being able to identify the other operands, primarily the first three, if I was to see a written procedure for example and determine what they are. For example is the first operand the argument used in the procedure ? The 2nd argument, any local or global declared variables ? The 3rd argument, any option settings ? Also if the procedure body is basically instructions for the procedure, then what is the description part of a procedure definition ? Da
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