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PROBLEM: Construct and display the first 10 elements of the Fibonacci sequence F_n, defined such that F_1 = F_2 = 1, and F_n = F_(n-1) + F_(n-2) for n > 2. This is how I approached this: Any suggestions or criticisms about my approach would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. >
PROBLEM: Do not use the functions nextprime, prevprime, or ithprime in this exercise. Use some kind of do-loop or nested do-loops and conditional statements to compute and display an expression sequence, assigned to the variable P, consisting of the 10 smallest positive prime numbers. This is what I came up with. I reached the value of the counter "n", (for lack of a better name) by trial and error, and that just happened to give me the correct number (10) of primes in the sequence P. >
This is the simple code that I came up with (after some frustration) to solve the problem of separating the sequence of positive integers from 1 to 20 into one sequence of primes and one sequence of nonprimes, and eventually displaying those sequences. I'm just curious to see what other ways this same question could have been solved. >
I have maple10 and I'm noticing something that's confusing. I recently played with a couple options from the tools menu, namely (tools -> options) then under the display tab the I played with the input display choices, and under the interface tab I played with the "Default format for new worksheets choices". However for this question I have the input display on 2-D math notation and I'm using worksheet mode as the default for new worksheets. I'm not sure if I applied those choices globally or applied them to the session. I have the italics choice button chosen on the formatting row and also clicked the choice "math" next to a drop down menu full of other lists.
Can anyone tell me why I'm getting this error message after inputing this simple if sequence ? Also include an explanation of the error message "invalid inline function" if possible. I tried this example in Maple10's classic worksheet and it worked fine however. For some reason it's not working in Maple10. Thanks, Dan > Error, invalid inline function
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