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Does anyone know if it's possible to discover the largest known prime number just using Maple 10 on a stand alone machine (PC)? Or does Maple 10 and or all of it's current additions / upgrades lack the computing power required to attempt this possible recreational task ? v/r, Dan
I'm working through Francis Wright's book COMPUTING WITH MAPLE. I'm not exactly sure which version of Maple this book is based on. The book's copyright is c2002. If any responders are familiar with this title or author also let me know. I'm looking on some opinions about this person. My question is that Mr Wright in one example stated that 3D plots don't admit multiple plots in [List] format. However when I typed the input: plot3d([sin(x),sin(y)], x = -Pi..Pi, y = -Pi..Pi); I still got a plot instead an error message.
Is there some sort of built in capability for doing LaPlace Transforms? or does one have to do it the "Brute Force" way ? v/r Dan
I noticed on the maplesoft website that there was an update available for Maple10. Is this in response to a detected product flaw ? Also is getting this update an urgent issue for a novice like myself still learning ? What I'm trying to ask is would I be missing out on some necessary feature of Maple10 by not having this update ? v/r
Is there a chat or instant message capability on this website ?
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