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Can anyone discover the reason for the troubles i'm having with the last execution group ? I think the few ones above it are some previous attempts. it's the part that begins as >Cardioid := proc(S) local s; etc... > Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined >
What's the difference between Arrays and Matrices, according to Maple10 ?
Can Maple be used to create solids of revolution by rotating intersecting plane curves or a single curve bounded by certain intervals about lines or the cartesian axes ? If yes can someone help with the steps to accomplish this ?
In the third line of this do loop is the assignment assigning both the null set and the new value of the index into the original null set ? Also does this mean that the final set S contain the original null set with multiple null sets nested in it ? >
Why am I getting a false statement as output for this input ? > >
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