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These are questions asked by dcasimir

Obtain Hamilton's equations of motion for a plane pendulum of length l with mass poin m whose radius of suspension rotates uniformly on the circumference of a vertical circle of radius a.  Describe physically the nature of the canonical momentum and the Hamiltonian.





I know this is a mathematics forum, but I think that there are many faculty members and others here directly or indirectly affiliated with physics.

Again from Goldstein's, "Classical Mechanics" Chapter 8, The Hamilton Equations Of Motion.

The question is:

Write the problem of central force motion of two mass points in Hamiltonian formulation, eliminating the cyclic variables, and reducing the problem to quadratures.



Show that if lambda[i] are the eigenvalues of a square matrix, then if the reciprocal matrix exists it has the eigenvalues (lambda[i])^(-1).

By "reciprocal matrix" I assume he means inverse.


The question is,

A particle in hyperbolic motion starts from the origin at t = 0.  Find the time t[0] such that if a photon is emitted from the origin after t[0], it will never catch up with the particle.

Anyone familiar with this text, or who has gone through it formally please help.

Starting to get  really agitated, and don't know where else to turn to.


very respectfully,

(forgive the ranting).

I downloaded John Fredsted's Gravitation code from the Maple application center, and now I'm trying to get it to be a package.

However, I'm having trouble doing this.

Can anyone help me get to the point where I can access this application as any other manufacturer produced package using the with command ?



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