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These are questions asked by dholtzman

I often create diagrams in Maple and export them so I can embed them in a Word Doc.  Lately, when I right-click on the picture so I can select "export," the entire program closes.   It seems to happen more when the picture is in 3D.   Am I doing something wrong?     Thanks.


Is there a pallette that contains the symbol for a contour integral both clockwise and anticlockwise?

I have downloaded MaplePlayer on my iPad.   I see that it comes with a number of "pre-recorded" programs that it can run.  Is there a way to have it run a Maple worksheet that I have written?   If so, how do I use this app to open an existing worksheet? 


Also, are there any plans for this app on the Android platform any time soon?

I have written a program and at one point I have an assignment statement like BG(i, j) :=1    When ever I run the program, I get a dialog box which asks me to choose between "function definition" and "remember table assignment."  Is there a way to tell the program that I want this to be a table assignment in the code so that I don't always have to answer the question?

I have written a program and I would like to embed a check near the beginning to see if input data was entered correctly.  I have written an "if statement" to check on this and I would like the program to stop execution at this point if the "if statement" criteria are met.   I get an error saying that this command is disabled.   I have tried "stop", "end" and "quit," as I understand that they are all the same.

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