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How do I get Maple to factorize this simple expression without too much effort?

f:=3/2 + sqrt(8*k + 2) + 2*k

So I have this expression


which Maple can not simplify?

I need to do it like this

`assuming`([expand(simplify(add(`~`[simplify]([op(combine(expand((coth(x)^(1/3)-tanh(x)^(1/3))*(coth(x)^(2/3)+tanh(x)^(2/3)+1))))]))))], [x > 1])

Is this actually true or what is happening here?

The integral int(x, x);
Error, missing operator or `;`


So from this


I tried to switch between both modes, but I get the error above. Why does it not work? Do I need to consider something else? I'm switching with F5. The text is red and math is 2d math black.



Also the [CTRL]+[=] doesn't work in this german version, since I would need to press

[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[=] which doesn't work.


How do I tell maple which branch to choose when calculating an asymptotic series of a RootOf expression. e.g.





Now the series contains RootOf(_Z^6-_Z^5) which occurs in the denominator to order 1/n and thus blows up if 0 is chosen. I know that the solution must be greater zero and smaller than n/2.

If I have an expression like this


maple has trouble to simplify the argument.

In particular is it possible to apply expand() only to the denominator?

This is meant in general, so if I have many terms with expressions like this (possibly of products with other functions in each term), I want this simplification to be done termwise for the arguments of the functions.

Expanding the fraction doesn't work as in frontend(expand, [f]).

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