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hey maple followers,

i need, please to find the method used in command "minimize".
i looked into help maple and i found "theorema mean values" as example
some help please

P.s: minimize not Minimize

hi maplefriends, i´m trying to solve a piecewise funtion, and gold is find the maximum and  location, for that i use de package Maximize.unfortunately the result i have is the local maximum, can anyone show me, how can i do that? >  >  Download maximize_abs.mwbest regards


Download posi1_-_Copy.mw 


hey primes please i need help. i´m trying to create a procedure capable to find an arbitrary distance. at some point in loop clause, is important to 'unassigned'  the variables solved and here where i have problem. it work fine in...

hey i´m back again and need help to solve this situation Please:                                          restart;with(ArrayTools):                      ...

hey guys , my concern is about boundaries in random matrix or rtable. so, i can garantee that boundaries in  matrices are in 0 and 10, but i can´t impose a restriction  like the sum of row must be equal 10 for example.
help !! 

local i
if A::rtable[row] then 
end if 
end proc(10,3))+0; 

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