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After using Maple for about a year now, I have quite a few worksheets and documents that I have created.  Often I would like to use code that I know I wrote in a previous document but I don't remember which file that was in.  It appears that those files are in a binary format.

Is there a Maple search utility or another way that would allow me to search a group of Mapele files for text?



I run Maple on two different computers each with 2 4k monitors running Windows 10 Pro.  Everything appears to work fine on one computer but on the other one, the display gets corrupted when moving the mouse under certain conditions.  I have eliminated the mouse and the video card as the problem because the same problem occurs after replacing them with other manufacturers components.  I have a document that generates a few plots that I can run from both computers.  At first all seems fine and the mouse can be moved across the display and plots without corruption.  But as soon as I try to enable any "Probe Info" via right clicking a plot or from the side pane when the plot is selected, moving the mouse over the plot will cause a continuous corruption that continuous to change as I move the mouse.  The only way I have found to recover from this is to close Maple and resart it.

It appears the problem has to do with redrawing the display after the mouse moves.  Below is an example:

Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you, David