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I have defined a sparse matrix and verified that it is space by using the command- sparsematrixplot(Kd,'matrixview');

first, is there another way to check wether the matrix is stored in the sparse form?

second, when trying to sovle an algebraic set of equation using the procedures for hendling the sparse matrix i encountered the following error:

Error, (in HWcall[1]) column vector dimension less than length of sparse data

what is the meaning of this error and how can I repair it?


Is there a size limit on the matrices and vectors? In case there is one, is it possible to extend this limitation?
i need to solve a set of linear equations of size 7000x7000 using 128 digits, the system is sparsed. which of the "options" in LinearAlgebra[LinearSolve) is the the most efficient? is there more efficient builtin procedure for such computations? thank's
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