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These are questions asked by dvir

I ran into the following error message

system error, "bad id"

what does it mean?

I tried to create a gif file out of more then 200 sequantial plots. A gif file was opened yet nothing was saved into it. I was able to create a file from less than 170 frames in the the same manner.
Is there a size limit or a limit on the number of frames that gif can process?

Is there other video like formats availble in Maple?

I am solving a dynamic problem however due to the complexity of the problem, the software runs out of memory. To avoid the memory los i am tring to write each time step solution into a text file however in order to do that i need to open a file using "fopen"

unfortunately this command enables writing to a file only if followed by "fclose" yet if the program stack before the file is closed the data is lost. on the other hand if i close the file after every time step the new file overrides the old one

Is there a way to calculate only several eigenvalues out of all the eigenvalues of a large matrix?

I have defined a sparse matrix and verified that it is space by using the command- sparsematrixplot(Kd,'matrixview');

first, is there another way to check wether the matrix is stored in the sparse form?

second, when trying to sovle an algebraic set of equation using the procedures for hendling the sparse matrix i encountered the following error:

Error, (in HWcall[1]) column vector dimension less than length of sparse data

what is the meaning of this error and how can I repair it?



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