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These are questions asked by elango8


I just want to know how i could label the expressions that are generated by executing the loop,

like A1 = .....

A2= .....

If you see the file above , the for loop gives out several expressions in terms of c and t , the equations generated are correct but i want to give each expression a label like A1,A2,A3 when the output is generated

I have the equation to calculate the legendre functions , but i am trying to find a way to form a loop so it would be less time consuming to find for a series of values.

Pn = sum((-1)^i*factorial(2*n-2*i)*x^(n-2*i)/(2^n*factorial(i)*factorial(n-i)*factorial(n-2*i)), i = 0 .. (1/2)*n)


This is the general equation , as you can see there are different values of P like p0,p1,p2,p3...depending...

I tried solving the following equation but when i do i get

> solve((500*.87)*(1-(1/x)^.2385)-(288*(x^.3174-1))/(.85), x);

Warning, solutions may have been lost

Is it not possible to solve for highly nonlinear equations ?

hello ,

I have figured out how to solve for corresponding values but when i try to solve the set of equations by using for example,

a :=[10 values]

b:=[10 values]

w:= [10 values]

##here i want to solve the set of equations for  [a1 b1 w1] ,[a2 b2 w1] , [a3 b3 w1]....like i want to solve the equations for all correponding values of a,b @ each w ##

set of equations (function of a,b,c)

i cant make it work...

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