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These are questions asked by elango8

I am trying to solve this set of equations ,but i have spent a lot of time rewriting the equations and changing the signs..but i cant get rid of this erroe and solve it for the unknowns.....could anyone tell me what am i doing wrong ?

I used the solve command to solve for the unknown b , i do have the solution listed in the book...but when i try to solve it as follows


since maple takes values in radians(10 deg)

i get the message as "solutions may have been lost"

Am i doing anything wrong ?

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I have an ODE that has to be solved over a range of x .....but i have difficulties in formulating the boundary conditions since i have certain constraints on them.

My B.C 1 is t(x) = c + (c-1)*erf(x)

B.C 2 is t ' (x) = (c-1)*(2/sqrt(pi))*e^-x2

I tried solving a set of 7 nonlinear equations but maple evaluates for about an hour and then says that "warning : solutions may have been lost " i dont have any clue why it is saying so.there are atleast 3 variables in my equations that are highly nonlinear(the others dont have exp term) like for ex K3 =
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