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Guys, I solved a huge set of non linear equations for a range of input values and the results printed out are of a great volume and it is too hard to read the value for a particular set of input values.Is there any way i cud get the results in a table form as we get it in matlab in the workspace window.So i cud easily copy paste in excel sheets.
hi guys, i have the following set of equations e1='a2+a3+a5+a6-1=0'; e2='2*a1+2*a4+4*a5-1.6-2*0.2=0'; e3='a2+2*a3+a4-0.77-0.2=0'; e4='(K1*((a1+a2+a3+a4+a5+a6)^2/4)*(a5*f))-(a1^3*a2)=0'; e5='K2*a2*a4-(a1*a3)=0'; e6='K3*a4*a6-(a1*a2)=0'; symbolic a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6 I can slove these set of equations for known values of K1,K2,K3 but i have a set of values for K1,k2,K3 (35 values) ie K1=[1 2 3 4.......35] K2=[1 2 3........35] K3=[1 2 3 .....35]
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