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Hello guys, 

I have a probelm with computing an integral by maple. I dont know why maple cannot compute.

Thank you for your attention


Hello guys, I want to compute Einstein tensor components of Kerr metric, but it seems there are some problems with computing.


Thank you for your

Hi guys,

I have some information about function f(x)=x^2+y(1-x)^3/4 where x domain is [0,1] and y is a parameter but i can not obtained this information with maple.

I know function f(x) for y>1.4266 is monotically decreasing and there is no turning points,(actually i can compute infection points of above function: y=1.4266 and x=4/5 )

I know function for 1.4266>y>1.0144 has two turning points a minimum for x<4/5 and a maximum for x>4/5 , but i dont know how y=1.0144 is calculated and what is the nature of this point !!! and how this relates to x><4/5 !

I know fucntion for y<1.0144 has to two turning points that the global maximum of function happens at x<0.97702, but also i can not compute 1.0144 and how this relates to x<0.97702 !!


Hello everyone, I have 4 equations 4 unknowns I would like maple to compute it.  i might actually have a problem by  solve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4}, {Omega, alpha, beta, k}) command

alpha , beta , omega and k are unknows.

Hello Guys,

Can maple derive Einstein field equations from Einstein-Hilbert action ?



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