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Hi everyone,

I have a functional "L" which I want to solve Euler-Lagrange for it and then extermise that by its equation of motions. I know the result must be same to a function like "A" but I cant obtain that. "a", "b" and "s" are constants and not important, I insist more on the shape of "A"


Thanks a lot

Hi guys ,

Actually i dont know how to solve the following complicated differential equations by numerical methods ,


Thank you for your attention to this matter

hey guys ,


i have problem to obtain roots for a higher order equation


thanks for your

Hi guys,


i want to find d'alembertian of a function of Ricci scalar (f(R)) , but it seems something is wrong .




thanks in advance

guys, i have a tensorial expression which i want to compute it, but i have some problem



thanks in advance

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