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These are questions asked by escorpsy

hi guys , i want to solve a system of equations but maple gives me "warning, solutions may have been lost" !

what can i do ?



actually i dont know how a expression which has rootof transform to a expression without rootof !

for example how to express w explicitly in term of m !

thank you for your help

Hello guys ,


i have a complicated function , i found its roots but when i evaluate function by its roots , the result is not zero !!!


thank you for your

Preben Alsholm now i take another dynamical system , i found 2 critical points , which one is saddle and other one has too involved eigenvalues , but didn't know how to plot the digrams you did in the worksheet ! i dont know how to define seq() .


Thanks in advance


Dear Markiyan Hirnyk 

From  Phase-space trajectories i mean below photo which the asterisk arecritical points. but how can i compute the critical points and their nature ( stable , unstable , saddle) with maple ?

Thank for your time



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