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Hi, I am fitting experimental data DATA(t) to a MODEL(t) with LSSolve. What would be the shortest way to plot the residuals(t)? Thanks, Evgeni
Maple 11, 10, 9,.. do not work under Vista yet. After a tricky installation, File Open and File Save do no work. Mathematica 5.2 and Matlab 2007 run with no problem in the same environment. I would not rush purchasing any version of Maple if it is going to run under Vista.
Hi, Colleagues, I wonder if sombody has developed a Maple code for parameter continuation of codim 1 & 2? Evgeni
Hi, Colleagues, I need to use two colors for positive and negative values of a plotted function and I am trying to use a piecewise switch. My atempt was something like plot(sin(x), x=0..13, color=(x->piecewise(sin(x)
Hi, Colleagues, I need strongly reduce Maple generated graphs for a journal publication. How could I make the axes and tickmarks thicker? Thanks, Evgeni
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