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thus in your idea result is correct?


@Preben Alsholm 

thanks alot dear prof Preben Alsholm 

@Preben Alsholm 


@Preben Alsholm 

thanks..i realize it good.

now in sol3[3] for example i calculate 

simplify(subs(rho = .1, z = .2, sol3[3]))

in result

H(.1, .2) = (((1.375664728*10^3976-1.376009856*10^3976*I)*_C3+(1.376009856*10^3976+1.375664728*10^3976*I)*_C4)*_C1^2+(-1.392944826*10^18+8.031261629*10^17*I+(-6.790346196*10^3976-6.788644199*10^3976*I)*_C3^2+(6.788645213*10^3976-6.790345667*10^3976*I)*_C4*_C3)*_C1+(9.095029897*10^20-4.741569455*10^20*I)*_C3)/((9.467338950*10^18+1.815975314*10^19*I)*_C1+(8.961481250*10^19-4.671947500*10^19*I)*_C3)

why in result _C3 and _C1 are Exist??



@Preben Alsholm 

thanks.i apply your good comments but why result for H(ro,z) dont found?

is there result for this equation?




when i introduce homedir as form


i encounter error as''

Error, `:` unexpected''..........

is this line is corrected?

filename := cat(kernelopts(homedir),"/mapleprimes/","16.3.xlsx"):C:\Users\fara\Desktop\Rendo-40


please help me 



THANKS...how you get analytical solution?

@Preben Alsholm

i want by this method obtain results

@Carl Love 

thanks .amount of omega is one.....

@Carl Love 

yes.i have some reasonable reason.in similar equations which be solved, shown that by increasing ''f'' , final result (OMEGA) also increase, but this increases is very low(third or fourth digite in OMEGA).in this equations by changing f , never change occure in result, i.e. perhaps latest equation not corporation in solve procedure!!!!




USE of evalf(Int(...)) trepan with an erroe ,because constants in A_i(i=1,2,...) is function of x!!

@Carl Love 

hi.thanks .you say correct.dsolve not used in my code.....

and only for most  rapid in calculation i used evalf(ApproximateInt(...))..

another point is ::only amont of parameter dsys3[4] such as [D1 - D2- D3 -D4  and D5 )] not influnce on result,therefore i think that ''   evalf(ApproximateInt(...)) '' is not issue important for this problem.however by changing in parameter [Ai -Bi and Ci] result was changed!!

@Carl Love 

hi .i apply your comments but not changing in final result AGAIN!!!(see X44.mw)

i compar the result for different amount of[ f] .but in final result ,not change in answer..i guess that dsys3[4] not corporation  in dsolve procedure ,because thier coefficent is very low!!!

also if we assume Digite=10 ,since some coefficient are of order 10^-15 or higher , not error occured in dsolve and accuracy of result?thanks...



@Adri van der Meer 

thanks.i want to compute amount of fy44 fy33 fy22 fy11?

fy4 := eval(f4(x), res); fy3 := eval(f3(x), res); fy2 := eval(f2(x), res); fy1 := eval(f1(x), res); with(CurveFitting); fy44 := PolynomialInterpolation([[0, fy4(0)], [.1, fy4(.1)], [.2, fy4(.2)], [.3, fy4(.3)], [.4, fy4(.4)], [.5, fy4(.5)], [.6, fy4(.6)], [.7, fy4(.7)], [.8, fy4(.8)], [.9, fy4(.9)], [1, fy4(1)]], x); fy33 := PolynomialInterpolation([[0, fy3(0)], [.1, fy3(.1)], [.2, fy3(.2)], [.3, fy3(.3)], [.4, fy3(.4)], [.5, fy3(.5)], [.6, fy3(.6)], [.7, fy3(.7)], [.8, fy3(.8)], [.9, fy3(.9)], [1, fy3(1)]], x); fy22 := PolynomialInterpolation([[0, fy2(0)], [.1, fy2(.1)], [.2, fy2(.2)], [.3, fy2(.3)], [.4, fy2(.4)], [.5, fy2(.5)], [.6, fy2(.6)], [.7, fy2(.7)], [.8, fy2(.8)], [.9, fy2(.9)], [1, fy2(1)]], x); fy11 := PolynomialInterpolation([[0, fy1(0)], [.1, fy1(.1)], [.2, fy1(.2)], [.3, fy1(.3)], [.4, fy1(.4)], [.5, fy1(.5)], [.6, fy1(.6)], [.7, fy1(.7)], [.8, fy1(.8)], [.9, fy1(.9)], [1, fy1(1)]], x)indices(res_nolist).mwindices(res_nolist).mw

by changing parameter maple dos not work.

this problem solve before by you but by another parameter dos not work indices(res_nolist).mw

thanks alot

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