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Hi, after solving an equation and inserting it in the original equation the result is not equal to zero!!

What is the problem?

in the attached file below I obtained 'q' and then I put it in the eq (3), but the result is not zero!!

Please help me.



How I can remove this error for dsolve equation.




"restart:Digits :=15: upsilon:=0.3:E(x):=E0*((x)/((b)))^(beta):rho(x):=rho0*((x)/((b)))^(beta):alpha(x):=alpha0*((x)/((b)))^(beta):a:=0.2:b:=1:omega:=100:E0:=390e9:rho0:=3900:T(x):=Ta+(Tb-Ta)/(ln(b/(a)))*(ln(x)-ln(a)):Ta:=373:Tb:=273:upsilon:=0.25:alpha0:=7e-6:  h(x):=(1-n*(x/(b)))^(k):n:=0.415196:k:=3:beta:=1:    dsys5 := {(1/(b))*( diff(u(x),x,x) )+(1/(b*h(x))*(diff(h(x),x))+1/(b*E(x))*(diff(E(x),x))+1/(b*(x)))*(diff(u(x),x))+((upsilon)/((b^(2)*x))*1/(h(x))*(diff(h(x),x))-1/((b*x)^(2))+(upsilon)/(b^(2)*(x))*1/(E(x))*(diff(E(x),x)))*b*u(x)+(1+upsilon)*((rho(x)*x*b*(omega^(2)))/(E(x))*(1-upsilon)-(alpha(x)*Ta)/(b)*(diff(T(x),x))-((diff(alpha(x),x))/(b)+(alpha(x)*diff(E(x),x))/(b*E(x))+(alpha(x)*diff(h(x),x))/(b*h(x)))*Ta*T(x) ),u(a) = 0,(E(b))/((1-upsilon^(2)))*(D^((1))(u)(b)+upsilon/(x)*D^((0))(u)(b))-(E(b)*alpha(b)*T(b)*Ta)/((1-upsilon^())) =-1}:dsol5 := dsolve(dsys5,abserr=1e-1, 'maxmesh'=900, numeric, method=bvp[middefer],output=listprocedure):fy := eval(u(x),dsol5)"

Error, invalid input: eval received dsol5, which is not valid for its 2nd argument, eqns




Download 2023.mw

how I can gain a function that it is fitting in these data in x and y and z?

please see the following figure.

this curve is a 3D diagram in three coordinates x,y and z.



I can remove this error.?

How I can substitute Eqs1-16) into Eq (17)?

Should I use subs rule?




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