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@Thomas Richard 

Thanks a lot. I tried to build again the excel file form zero and now it works! 

@Thomas Richard 

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I need to change the parameter set because I need to have also other elementes in that.

In any case thanks, and if you and your colleagues have any idea let me know.

Sorry if I write here again but I really need to fix this problem because I'm blocked with my work.

Does anybody have an idea on how to solve it?

@Thomas Richard  did you tried to do the passages I wrote in the latest message?



@Thomas Richard 

The errors in the MapleSim model are due to the fact that the DefiningHardPoints.mw file doesn't work and so there are some problem with the kinematic becuase i would need to fix other parameters, but don't care about theme beacause I need only to fix the problem with the DefiningHardPoints Maple document. So starting from a new file what I did is:


1) in MapleSim: edit>Store Parameter Set> I called it "new"

2) in DefiningHardPoints.mw maple document: changing, in  the first row of the code, the word "Symbolic" with "new" (in this way i'm able to "upload" the new parameter set I want to work on) as can be seen from the picture below.



At this point there is the error message and so the document stops and doesn't substitute the parameters.


This is the model edit as written above:



@Thomas Richard 

I have all the versions updated. I'll upload the my model: this one is the modified one.


But the same problem occurs also with the following one, in which the only changes I did are storing another parameter set and changing the name of the parameter set in the first line of the Maple document ("new.params" instead of "Symbolic.params")


@Thomas Richard 


Thanks for the answere. Sorry about my mistakes, but it was the first message here in the forum.

Anyway, maybe I wasn't so clear, the model works also on my system, as it is when you download it. But if you try to do "Store Parameter Set" and running the Maple model with the new parameter set it doesn't work anymore because the parameter set has a completely different syntax. 

I need to change the parameter set so for my case the model doesn't work. And your right, I work on MapleSim 6.4


Which other screeshot do you need?

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