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game := proc () local player1, player2, roll; roll := rand(1 .. 6); player1 := roll(); player2 := roll(2); if player2 < player1 then "A wins" elif player1 = player2 then "Tie" else "B wins" end if end proc:


"B wins"



"B wins"





data := [seq(game(), i=1..1000)]:

["Tie" = 142, "B wins" = 417, "A wins" = 441]






Tomleslie I have attached the sheet. It now works I don't know why it was giving the error. Thanks for the help.

@tomleslie , Preben, Rouben

Thanks for the comments. I run into this error while using maple 2015, after going though your posts, I decided to use maple 18 and it just the procedure executes just fine. I wonder what might me be happening? Could it be my setting or it has something to do with maple 2015?



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