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last night I left Maple running on my computer, hoping that he could do some heavy computations.

Unfortunately, Maple was printing time() from time to time, and I noticed that he had only been active for less than an hour, because that the computer was in stand-by.


On the other hand, this morning I couldn't force Maple to stop evaluating. Even after pushing the "Interrupt the current operation"-button several times, it just kept saying "Evaluating", making every process on my computer extremely slow and hard.

Is there something I can do to fix this?


Thanks everyone, I installed the 15.01 update on my macbook pro and now the problem seems to be solved!



> restart;
> alpha := proc (c) local i; return product(q^z+1, z = 0 .. c) end proc; beta := proc (c, t) local i; return sum(alpha(-t-i), i = 0 .. 1) end proc;
> test := proc (c) local i; return sum(betaformal(i, i-1), i = 0 .. 1) end proc; test(1); beta(0, -1); beta(1, 0);
> test := proc (c) local i; return sum(beta(i, i-1), i = 0 .. 1) end proc; test(1);

is code that works indeed. My apologies for the alpa procedure with two arguments. Regardless of that, it did not work, but it was there because I kept reducing the code so I could it present it in a reasonable form on this forum.


Thank you for the advice on add versus sum.  I think I heard that before, but then I got in trouble. In any case, doing  a lot of successive additions is in fact my goal..




Thanks, that works great, but I was also very interested in sending this to a tex file or something like that, so it can immediately be used by another program.  But I also had trouble with Joe Riel's code for that.  Could that also have something to do with me using Maple 11?

I think the second is exactly what I wanted, thank you! If I may add a question : other interesting things would be : - letting the parameter i appear on screen (so users can see what stage of the approximation they are looking) If I do plot(x+i,x=-5..5,title=i) , then he starts complaining - I know that in some new versions of maple it is possible to quickly generate an array of frames, depicting several stages (so next to each other and above and under each other, at the same time, not one after another like I just was trying to do) Thanks!
restart;with(plots): f:=piecewise(-Pi
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