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I am a research mathematician and an expert on mathematical software. I completed my PhD in applied mathematics with a specialization in computer algebra and symbolic computation in 2003 at the University of Waterloo. My PhD supervisor was Prof. Keith O. Geddes, co-inventor of Maple. In my PhD thesis, I invented a parameterized family of bilinear infinite series expansions for multivariate functions, which I named "Geddes series expansions" in honor of my thesis supervisor. Geddes series are more general than both Taylor series and Fourier series since the terms of a Geddes series can contain arbitrary functions. Geddes series are more versatile than traditional series expansions because the parameters of the family are not numbers, or even functions, but rather linear functionals on function spaces. Geddes series have dozens of computational applications ranging from the fast and accurate approximation of high-dimensional multiple integrals to the automatic derivation and proof of multivariate identities for elementary and special functions.

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Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook all have buttons/badges to allow users to promote their profiles/pages on their own external websites.  Does MaplePrimes have anything similar?  MaplePrimes members would love it, and it would it be a great way to raise the visibility of MaplePrimes on the vast web landscape. For comparison, here are the pages where Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook supply their buttons/badges:




I formed the Maple Global Network group on LinkedIn to bring together users, developers, clients, consultants, academics, and professionals worldwide who do technical computing with Maple and related Maplesoft products like MapleSim, Maple T.A., and MapleNet.  (To learn how MaplePrimes and the Maple Global Network complement each other, please see this forum post.)  I cordially invite all MaplePrimes members to join the Maple Global Network today!

To mark the end of eleven very fruitful years in residence at the University of Waterloo, I have written a goodbye essay. The title and abstract appear below, along with a link to the full text. The essay describes my long-term research goals and presents my personal vision for the future of the areas of mathematics in which I work.
MaplePrimes own Jim Herod has a wonderful set of lecture notes—accompanied by a collection of Maple worksheets—which introduce linear operators on infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces to beginning graduate students in science and engineering. Entitled Linear Algebra, Infinite Dimensions, and Maple, these notes were developed from a one quarter course which Prof. Herod taught many times at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The notes are very concise and have been refined and improved many times over the years in response to student feedback.
I generally use MaplePrimes from Internet Explorer 6.0 in Windows 98SE with my screen resolution set to 800x600. In this configuration, I sometimes have problems reading the contents of text boxes at the far right of the screen. For example, this happens whenever I post a comment or send a private message. The problem is that the text is not displayed because it is overwritten by the lists of Active Forum Topics, Recent Blog Posts, Recent Comments, etc.
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